Vice President

Dr. Hayder Abdelgader

Dr. Hayder Abdelgader is currently the Vice President of the African Association of Insect Scientist, a position he has occupied since 2015. He is a Sudanese national and currently works as a researcher (entomologist & head of the Bioassay Research Unit) at Agricultural Research Corporation, Sudan a position he has occupied since 1987.

School Record:

Preliminary School: 1965- 1968

Medium Secondary School: 1969-1973

Higher Secondary School: 1973-1976

University Record:

  1. Sc.: 1976-1981 University of Khartoum – Sudan

M.sc.: 1984-1987 University of Gezira – Sudan

PhD: 1992-1996 University of Hanover – Germany


Field Entomologist: 1981-1984 Crop Protection Department, Sudan

Researcher (Entomologist-Head of the Bioassay Research Unit): 1987 – Till now Agricultural Research Corporation, Sudan.


  1. DAAD Scholarship 1991-1996
  2. Alexander von Humboldt Scholarship: 2000 – 2002
  3. Vice President Association of African Insect Scientist (AAIS), since 2015


  1. Deutscher Phytomedizinsche Gessellschaft (Germany).
  2. Sudanese Society for Ecological Farming.
  3. Sudanese Society for Natural Products.
  4. General Secretary of the Association of Former DAAD Scholars (Gezira Alumni)-Central Sudan.
  5. Member of the Crop Protection Consultation Committee of Sudan Gezira Board
  6. Member of the Pests and Diseases Committee of the Agricultuarl Research and Technology Corporation-Sudan.
  7. National Coordinator for Sugar beet Research in Sudan
  8. Member of the Executive Committee of Introducing the plantations and manufacturing Sugar beet in Gezira (Central Sudan)